How do I add support accounts to my organization?


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If you are the Account Manager for your organization you can create additional user single sign-on accounts for accessing SSN services, such as the Support Portal or Knowledge Base. 

Using your SSN single sign-on account credentials, log into the SSN portal at

Once you have logged in select the name of your organization from the top dropdown. If this user is going be using the support portal and have the ability to use SSN Build Assistant, choose Content Manager. 

Next, enter the user's email address and click Invite.

The user will receive an invitation email with a link to activate their account. The link will take them to the account set up page, where they can set their name and password.

The invite is time sensitive and will expire in 24 hours if the user does not verify his account in that time. If it expires, just follow this process again to send them another invitation email. 

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